Community Support

Mr. Nicholas Kirvi, the administrator of Dynamic College of Professional Studies in Ongata Rongai, gave us space so that we could meet with the vetting committee and some new leaders.

He is a big support to our work and even tells me, “Tony, anytime you need our help, just let us know.” It is amazing to have people support us in that way.

The meetingwas great and I was able to remember and use the skills such as Public Narrative to get people to understand what I am doing. They jumped on board! As the meeting came to an end they all told me that if you need any resources we will provide them for you.

One gentleman, Raphael Mbulu from Ongata Rongai, always pays for my tea when we meet. It is such a kind gesture and to me a community that cares about each other has a dream and I am sure the community will change.

-Tony Ngala, Community Organizer in Ongata Rongai


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