Something we believe in at Tatua is Partnership. Sarah described a little about it in her post about the UN, read it here. We have a program that puts those principles into action across cultures. It is called Pamoja. Pamoja, the Swahili word for together, presents international communities with an opportunity to transform alongside Kenyan communities and foster a new way of being in relationship.

Pamoja is based on the ideals of partnership. Members of the Kenyan communities in which we work build partnerships with international communities.  Together they build a relationship that supports the deep transformation needed to heal past strains. Tatua Kenya connects the international community and communities in Kenya through activities such as the following: writing letters, drawing pictures, digital video and photo exchange, Skype calls and even planning trips for the international communities to come to Kenya.

There is a group coming in August from Trinity Church Copley Square in Boston. We are beyond excited about this. Their Pamoja partner is a children’s home called Nyumba Ya Tumaini. They have already had some successful excahnges through videos, pictures and journals. As we plan for their arrival check out this video of some of the boys where they share about their hobbies and their excitment to meet new friends!


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