A Community Comes Together To Discuss Issues That Matter to Them

“Nkoroi is a community that is really excited about the work we are doing!” Ken Chomba held s second forum there the other day.

Yet another gathering for the community of Nkoroi to start the decision making process leading to an initiative that they would take in addressing education challenges in the area. The area chief and all the four sub chiefs were at the meeting, which gave us a lot of confidence in the discussions with the community.

Elizabeth Wanjiru, a member of the community, mentioned in one of her conversations that she felt like there was a new dawn and this was an opportunity for them to start engaging with the county government in finding solutions for community challenges. The community voted largely on education matters, initiatives that will work to keep/get more kids to school and transition more children from primary to secondary level.

The forum also provided an opportunity for the 9 women groups from the location represented to share ideas on how they would have a common training ground on financial literacy by Equity group foundation.

It was another show of success. The discussions once again encouraged me in my work and showed me that people are excited about what we are doing. It is time for the community to own their initiatives and decide how to work together.

-Ken Chomba, Co-Founder of Tatua Kenya

One thought on “A Community Comes Together To Discuss Issues That Matter to Them

  1. It is true that the development of the community lies on the hand of the youth and like minded people.


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