A New Model Brings New Challenges

This years community organizing model is different from what Be The Change did last year in the sense that we as community organizers have to secure the resources we need from the community other than pay for them.

It’s one of the biggest challenges this year. Some people will ask why you ask for these resources, yet you came to help, only thing on my mind is…’’I want you to be invested in the initiatives, it is for the community and by the community and I’m showing you one of the ways you can help.”

This model comes with its challenges. I secured space for my introductory community forum in Ng’ando and they bailed just days before the event. This drove me to change my strategy as well as date of the forum. Luckily, in normal circumstances there is always another probable place that could offer the same resource. This time I  secured space elsewhere via Shalom House at the Diakonia Institute hall where I had the first community introductory forum.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”    -Paulo coehlo.

What challenges have you faced when organizing? How have you overcome them?

-Liz Njeri, Community Organizer


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