Use Your Age as an Advantage

Who dictates the appropriate age to work towards changing a society? It is a bold statement to say “You are too young!” or “You are too old!” when you are talking about whether someone is capable of helping a community or not.

Unfortunately it is a challenge James faces when he goes out to organize the Rongai community around child poverty. It has less to do with James himself than it has to do with a cultural that has been built around corruption and a lack of trust. Communities have been hurt in the past when young individuals have come in and misused funds and other resources.

Reframing the attitude around trusting young adults is not easy, but James sees it as an opportunity. For those that see him as a threat he has chosen not to fight it, but to use his skill in relationship building to allow the community to get to know him and build trust.  In the same way, he uses relationship building with the people who are encouraged by his excitement and enthusiasm as a young adult working to help the community because they can go out and advocate for the work that James is doing.

James is not dismayed by people’s reaction to his age. How can we use something that may look like a disadvantage to our advantage instead? 


2 thoughts on “Use Your Age as an Advantage

  1. Dear James ,portential man always use disadvantage as advantage ,just identify your strength and use it to help your community.


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