Tatua Organizer Trains Fellow Youth

James Njoroge works alongside Tony in Rongai. He is 21 years old and was born and raised in Rongai so he knows the community well. He aspires to be a good role model to future generations and instill the desire to help in others.


His goal is to create a united country that tackles their own problems. Recently James led his first training out in the community.  He taught about 1:1’s and relationship building. He says “I was very happy about the training. At first I was not very sure how it would be, but the moment I started teaching and seeing my students smile and start putting notes down on paper I was very happy and that made me feel like I want to do more.”

Click here to see photos of the training!

Share in comments: How can you do more in your community? What inspires you to want to do more?


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